Heath Ledger was a method actor, I trust I'm a method



This is me

It was almost a decade ago that I really started marketing digitally in earnest with SEO blogging, Social Media, and the other emerging tools we take for granted today. I have seen the landscape change and adapted to shift #ThroughTheDecade

Content Strategy  Social Intelligence 
Campaign Management 

 Sales Enablement   Social Media Marketing

Event Marketing    Media Management 

Creative Concepts  Lead Generation

Content Creation  Motion Graphics  Videos

Strategy game - Stronger than Amit Shah

Nevertheless, I couldn't care less for office politics. Over 8 years of not indulging in the same, I've mastered the below listed:

  • Evolving with every shift that becomes a norm. (Tactically)

  • Driving ROI with an effective targeting and communication strategy.

  • Spotting the bottle caps, mature bags and JCBs way before they become 'social trends'

  • Conceptualising and creating unique campaign frameworks (that work!)

  • Projecting the impact for every recommendation near perfection

  • Working with multiple Social Intel tools - Listening, mapping, workflows and advanced analytics

Clients &


Driving ground-breaking traction for brands - retainers and assignment projects

Note: This list also includes projects under OCC, PinkLemonade & TAD